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Check at this! March 31, 2009

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Check out my heart collage.  You too can make this. Well, not this….but one with your own pictures.  I think I selected too many.  I think there are about 180 pictures in this one.  



Just playing in the yard

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Yeah, he’s pretty cute.









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So we’re pretty much done with out little happy flower bed.  We need to get a couple more potted plants.  So far I have one Indian Hawthorne planted on the far right, a crooked Hibiscus, some kind of grass (?) plant, and a blue Hydrangea…. and a pinwheel and a bird house.  That’s pretty much it.  I decided it would be easier to maintain if we pretty much did a rock bed with potted plants.  That way if we kill something, we can just toss it and get something alive again.  I’m hoping the Hawthorne will get some height to it in the next few months but I honestly have no idea what those things turn into.

Here is our pre-flower bed pre-shutter house…boring, huh? 


So here are some pictures from our fun little yard project.  Initially I bought 4 bags of the red lava rock.  We ended up needing 7 more!  And I think we could actually 1 more.  My calculations were WAY off on that one.  It took longer than I thought it would, which is pretty much always the case.  Phillip and I had no time on Sunday to work on this together so we kind of had to tag team it.  And then the other hold up was the lack of enough lava rock and the failure to get to Lowe’s before they closed.  




Also, Phillip decided that most of my hard work on the barrier had to be redone because it wasn’t straight enough.  Usually I’m the one that cares if stuff is straight, even, level…etc. so that was kind of surprising that he even gave a rip.  Nice and straight after Phillip fixed it.  We decided it would be easiest to just kill the grass with roundup and then do that mesh stuff to keep stuff from growing through it.  Hope it works to keep the grass out.


Anyway, it got finished today and I’m pretty happy with it.  Still looks a little naked (nekkid), though.  What should we add?






We still have a nice, red front door  with a big glass star window that needs to go in but we are going to have to hire someone to do it.  We also need about 4 or 5 shingles replaced on our roof.  Do you know of anyone who can knock those two things out in a few hours?


Ready for Summer March 29, 2009

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This school year has been really hard.  I have enjoyed teaching 4 year olds 3 mornings a week but I’m officially ready to be done with that.  Now if you happen to be a mom of one of my 4 year olds, don’t fret.  I love your kid and while I’m there I’m totally dedicated to your kid.  But when I get home, I have to bust it more than I’m used to to do all the other things I have to do.  


I’m just tired.  I’m tired of not having enough time for my family and friends.  I’m tired of not having time to cook healthy meals.  I’m tired of my house being too messy to even think about having people over.  I’m tired of staying up until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning just to finish stuff that I need to finish.  


So I’ve got less than 2 months left before my life is going to get a heck of a lot easier.  I’ve been glad to have the little extra financial padding that working at the preschool has provided but I’m not sure it has been worth the cost.  I’ve become almost a stranger to people I used to know.  I feel really bad about that.  Not that I put much stock in fortune cookies, but I got one back before I took the preschool job that says “As long as you don’t sign up for anything new, you’ll do fine.”  I put it on my rearview mirror along with another fortune cookie note that says “Do not fear failure.”  So I signed up for something new anyway.  And my business isn’t failing and that’s good but I can’t help feeling like I’m failing miserably at many other things.  


I’m ready for the end of May.  I’m ready to spend some time with people I’ve missed.  I hope they still want to spend some time with me.


My chair has many uses March 28, 2009

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My chair can hold people of all ages.  It usually travels around with me in the back of my Explorer.







I like my chair.


But lately this is what it has been used for.



2 blogs that I’ve been following March 26, 2009

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I came across these blogs through some other photography type blog that I was looking at.  Both of these families have a very sick baby.  Both of these babies need lots of prayer.  Be warned there are some pictures on these blogs that might be a little disturbing to some of you.  Like I said, these are very sick babies.

Stellan’s story:


Jonah’s story:


Just more pictures

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We went to Chick-Fil-A this evening and then to the Mall.  I didn’t really take many pictures at the Mall because 

a. I didn’t bring my flash in and the lighting stinks in there.

b. Mikey was being kind of a turd so we didn’t stay for very long.


And these pictures are in backwards order.   Look how nicely they arranged our food for us.  I just had to take picture  before we messed it all up.  And yes, Mikey wears his “Mom’s little monster” shirt all the time.  It’s kind of his uniform.  I just want people in public to know that I know.