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Gross-out alert March 2, 2009

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We hung out with the Stunz clan this evening at Surfside.  Jackson has been sick for a few days and we hadn’t really planned on bringing him but then we sort of had to last minute.  Anyway, I’m glad he went because he had a good time playing.  The Stunzs were fully aware of his potential strep throat and they wanted him anyway.  They’re taking off to Singapore soon so we need to spend what time we can with them.  Without really intending to, I caught a lovely picture of Jackson’s disgusting throat.  Check it out….not the best picture ever by any means but I had to share.  There’s a close up.




3 Responses to “Gross-out alert”

  1. Andrea Stunz Says:

    The tongue is way worse than the throat! :0) So glad you ALL came out.

  2. beej Says:

    I see a tonsillectomy in your future.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Hope he’s feeling better. I like both of your blogs; but change is good sometimes . . .

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