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Day three of spring break March 18, 2009

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So today is day three of spring break and as I type this Jackson is sobbing because he’s out of his mind with boredom.  And I have zero pity for him.  All of his complaining all year long about school and now he’s here at home with his toys, books, etc. and he’s totally miserable.  Maybe the homeschooling thing is not a good choice for him.  He has always liked to go places and this one day of being stuck here at home with “nothing to do is even worse than being at school.”  I’m glad I’m leaving in about 15 minutes to go to a shoot because if I had to stay here much longer and listen to his crying, I would give him something to cry about if you catch my drift.


2 Responses to “Day three of spring break”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Anna just swept, mopped and wiped down the kitchen cabinets. Then she cleaned the window on the sliding glass door. She said she was bored. I’m thinking she should be bored more often!

    Give Jackson a clorox wipe, some paper towels and windex!

  2. beej Says:

    Beat thy child, he shall not die. Prov 23:14

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