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Space Center Houston March 20, 2009

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Jackson and I went with Andrea and Anna to the Space Center today.  It was fun and crowded and busy but we had a really good time.  I think the kids probably could have stayed longer but we had to go get something to eat.  Here are some pictures.  There was this Dive show where all these crazy people jumped off diving boards that were way too high in the air.  What that has to do with the Space Center, I don’t know but it was cool to watch.











3 Responses to “Space Center Houston”

  1. beej Says:

    That diving thing is IN SANE.

  2. Ralph Says:

    That Dive Show was AWESOME! For the money our day at Space Center was the BEST VALUE compared to everything else we did during spring break.

  3. Let me thank you for spending Spring Break with our crew. I think you should title Jackson’s last photo “Arrr matey!!” We are happy you had a good time and hope to see you again soon

    President & CEO

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    Twitter / SpaceCenterHou

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