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Just pictures of my family that Photoshop has never met March 23, 2009

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Okay, so all but one of these pictures have just been carelessly and quickly adjusted in Aperture.  I know you don’t care, you just want to see pictures of my kids.  But I can’t help feeling like I have to apologize for being lazy.  The truth is I’m just really busy with lots of photos that I have to edit in Photoshop and I just don’t have time to mess with these…..and probably never will.  So it’s this or nuthin’.  And, um, this is going to be a lot of pictures. (I refrained from saying a “butt-load”…oh, wait, no I didn’t, did I?)  And some of these were taken with my new camera, which is freaking awesome.  And I’ve included a picture of my new camera too even though it pretty much looks like my other camera… the untrained eye. 😉


Or maybe you don’t want to see pictures of my kids at all.  Then go away. 


Alrighty, so here we go.  I’ve never added pictures in this way before so I’m not exactly sure how this works.  I think if you click on it, it gets bigger.  


Some things you might notice:

– Jackson can make a sword out of anything.

– Mikey’s nuts.

– Phillip likes coffee.

– Jackson is pretty intense with his facial expressions.

– Mikey draws on his body with markers whenever he gets a chance.  He’ll have a real tattoo by the time he’s 12.

– Jackson has dirty feet.

– Mikey does not know how to “appropriately” play with a top.

– I like to take pictures.



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