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Mikey and Scott April 30, 2009

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I promise I’ll eventually get off this video kick.  Especially if we have to return the darn thing to buy another t.v….but I don’t think we’re going to do that.  Anyway, here’s a video of Mikey trying to put potato head glasses on our very patient yorkie.  How many times does Mikey say “eyes” in this video.  If you guess it correctly, I’ll give you a thumbs up.


They love each other April 29, 2009

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Phillip pointed out some inconsistencies with my parenting skills in this video.  And I am more than willing to admit the error of my ways.  But not this time because “get him” and “hit him” are clearly not the same thing and any 2 year old should know that.


Yes, Mikey spit milk in Jackson’s ear.  He’s a mess.


Us! April 28, 2009

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Okay, so I decided to mess with one of them.  It’s kind of cute.




Jackson took these photos….

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Jack held my big, heavy camera with the monstrous lens and flash and took these. It was really funny to watch. He could barely hold it up much less straight. I didn’t crop these. These are just as he took them. Not too bad really.  I didn’t feel like messing with editing them.






Not an effective liar

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Jackson’s on an antibiotic and he totally hates it. He whines and complains every time he has to take it. He took his antibiotic this morning but he didn’t take all of it. There was still a little bit left in the bottom. I told him to finish it. He just came and told me that he was going in to the kitchen to drink that last little bit but the trash can was open and it accidentally fell into the trash can. I gave him a disapproving look and he just said, “I’m telling the truth!”

I’m so glad he’s terrible at lying. I hope he always stays this bad at lying.


He takes our noses

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We started doing the fake nose stealing thing with Mikey a few weeks ago. I would “take” his nose and “put it” in my pocket and then he would try to “get it” and “put it” back on. Okay….enough with the stinking quotes. You get the idea. Anyway, he has started doing this and it’s so funny to see him do this stuff. He makes up variations of this little game. The latest thing is stealing our noses and putting them down the back of his underwear. The other day Phillip said, “Mikey took my nose and stuck it in his underwear. It stunk!” This evening he took Phillip’s nose and put it in a box. Then he walked into his room and turned the box upside down and shook Phillip’s nose out. We get all bent out of shape when he takes our noses and won’t give them back. He thinks its the funniest thing.

We love that kid.


He jumps. April 26, 2009

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a lot.

And maybe we shouldn’t let Mikey jump off the furniture. But we do anyway. For now.