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This is a Jackson post April 15, 2009

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Jackson and I hung out on Monday while my mom had Mikey.  Jack and I haven’t spent a day together in quite a while.  He actually allowed the cameras in to photograph such a momentous occasion. 


First we went to the preschool where I work so Jackson could steal some art supplies and make a place mat.  Here is the artist at work.  Jackson actually calls himself an artist.  He says, “I’m pretty much an artist.”  I think the tongue must help with precision.  I probably do that too.  If not, maybe I should start.



Demonstrating one of the characters he’s drawing.  It helps for an artist to really get to know their work, the character, the situation….you get the idea.  






He’s taking a moment to think.  I don’t think he realizes that he looks like the monkey on his shirt.  I didn’t tell him.



The finished masterpiece.  A Castle Crashers place mat.  Apparently this video game has it all… fighting, blood, love, rhinoceroses…..



Then we went to the beach for a little while.  This was not a highly planned beach trip.  We didn’t even really pack anything to bring with us.  He just stuck his swim trunks on and off we went.  Well, and I swapped cameras because the new camera will NOT be visiting the beach.




This next picture should be entitled “Delusions of Grandeur.”  He was trying to stop the waves from coming.  Do you see his hand?  It didn’t work.



I have no idea what this is about.








and in b&w…for the because of it



I really like this one.





We weren’t at the beach for very long before he had a major toe injury.  Really, the toe injury was barely visible but it was still very traumatic.  On the way home he was complaining that his whole leg hurt when he moved his toe.  I told him to stop moving his dang toe.  He said I owed him money because I wasn’t there to “save” him from this horrible incident.  Pa-lease.  He still has a bandaid on his toe… unless it fell of this evening.  


After the beach, we went to Lake Jackson Seafood where Jackson covered his fish in lemon juice before eating it.  Then we went home and he played video games for 45 minutes while I took a nap watched.


2 Responses to “This is a Jackson post”

  1. Nana Says:

    Love these pictures! Good job Jenny. Glad you and Jack got some special time together.

  2. beej Says:

    I do that tongue thing when I play the piano. It’s not right, but it’s hard to stop.

    I love the guy flying through the air saying AAAHHH!

    One more thing…if his toe fell off during the night, you should really do something about that. Just sayin’.

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