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My mother’s day card from Jackson May 11, 2009

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This is what Jackson wrote inside the card he made for me….


Dear Mom,

I’m glad you’re my mom.  I love the way you cook.  You are as pretty as a rose.  I love to play with you.  You are as smart as a hunter.  Thank you for everything!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Love, Jack Gray Hintze


My thoughts:

– When did I cook something Jackson actually liked?  More importantly, when did I cook??

– Are hunters smart?  Because I’m not sure if a guy who dresses in camo, uses war paint on his face, and bathes in deer urine just to kill and eat something he could just as easily buy at the store seems real smart to me.  Maybe Jackson means like a tiger or snake or shark.  Those things are probably fairly smart, I guess.  But hey, I’ll take the compliment.  I don’t get called smart very often.


One Response to “My mother’s day card from Jackson”

  1. Granny Says:

    What a sweet Mother’s Day card (It’s a good thing he signed his complete name!) What a sweetheart. It reminds me of the card you made for me when you were small, and you said “It’s a Hallmark”. Of course, it was much more valuable than a Hallmark. I’m sure I still have it in my bags and boxes of stuff.

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