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Upcoming stuff May 16, 2009

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So many posts about the children, so little posts about me.


I’ve decided I like using this line through words so I’m going to start doing that more.


I only have two teaching days left.  Monday and Wednesday of next week will be the last two days I am ever planning on teaching preschool.  Not that I don’t love my preschoolers but I am DONE doing that.  It’s just not my bag anymore, baby.  Friday is a work day when my teaching pal and I will clean out stuff, sanitize stuff, turn in our keys, and wave farewell.


That same Friday (one week!!!) afternoon Phillip and I will head to Dallas until Monday to shoot a wedding weekend extravaganza!  I’m looking forward to doing it but I’m also looking forward to having it behind me.  Weddings still just stress me out a little and this one will be no exception.  However we will be surrounded by friends so that part of it will be very cool.  And the bride is GORGEOUS!!!  The groom is probably a cutie too but I haven’t seen him yet.  This wedding will provide me with about a bagillion (hopefully) awesome pictures to use on my (eventual) wedding site.  I just recently booked another wedding too that will take place in November.


Jackson will be going to Colorado for two weeks with the folks the day that school is out.  I wish they were taking Mikey too.  Maybe next summer?  


On or around the 13th of June a piece of my heart will be moving to Singapore and I’m just not going to say anything else about that right now.


I’m planning on spending a few days in Houston to cry unwind around that same time.  


Phillip and I will be acknowledging celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary on June 17th.  That’s also Phillip’s mom’s birthday.  What a wonderful gift she got on her birthday 9 years ago….me.


I might be shooting another wedding for Phillip’s cougar cousin in July.  Still working out the details on that one.


I will be getting my own office soon.  We’re kicking Mikey out of his room and into Jack’s room.  Mikey’s room will become my office and the current office will just be for Phillip and Jackson.  I might need help getting it organized and in perfect working order.  Any takers on helping me with that? 


I will be buying homeschool curriculum soon.  I’m so ready to not sit in pick up/drop off lines again, at least for a while.  I’m looking forward to seeing what my boy can teach me.


Phillip’s job is a bit up in the air right now.  His school is having to cut some of their elective teachers due to budget cuts.  (I hope this is okay to post this btw.  If not, I’ll take it off.)  We know he will have a job somewhere in HISD but that doesn’t give us lots of comfort considering he could have very little say in where he goes or what he’s teaching.  We’re praying for a BISD job opening for him in the fall.  Even is it’s not music, I want him back in BISD.  I’m just not cool with this Houston drive anymore.


Phillip and I are discussing selling our house and buying another one in the next year or so.  We would still need to do some things to this one to get it sellable.  The thought of packing up all our stuff is daunting but I’m really getting tired of this house.  I have loved it until very recently.  We are outgrowing it.  Mikey needs more room.  We need two bathrooms.  I would love a garage.  I would love neighbors who don’t smoke pot all day are more family oriented.  I would love to have a beautiful space to meet with clients.


I think I’m going to have to start wearing a wrist brace on my right wrist.  That will take some of my cool away so I’m going to need some cool sunglasses or a tattoo to compensate.  Maybe I can get a Snoopy Joe Cool tattoo on my arm.  I don’t know if that will give me more cool or take more cool away.  Maybe I need a nose ring or a grill for my teeth.  I need to think on that one.


I still have never gotten a pedicure in my life and I’m pretty sure I need one in a bad way.


3 Responses to “Upcoming stuff”

  1. Nana Says:

    Hope this doesn’t rock your world but Jackson was six before we took him on vacation with us. Mikey has the potential to take the “vacation” out of vacation.

  2. jhintze Says:

    I know that. I don’t expect you guys to take him really. Just day dreaming.

  3. Granny Says:

    Jenny, why will you need to wear a wrist brace? Is it from lifting Mikey, ’cause I think that’s why my shoulder I broke when Jackson was 3 is hurting again. But Mikey’s worth it.
    I’m praying for Phillip’s job situation.

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