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That child. May 17, 2009

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Mikey refused to eat the lunch that I gave him.  It was something he will usually eat.  I told him that if he was not going to eat then he was going to go take a nap in his bed.  I asked him if was going to eat.  He shook his head “no.”  I asked him if was ready to take a nap.  He shook his head “no.”  He understood that he needed to eat.  This was not a matter of understanding.  It’s never a matter of understanding with him.  It’s a matter of control.


So I put him in his room with a baby gate and his blanket and told him to go to sleep.  For approximately 35 minutes he screamed the most horrible screaming you can probably imagine.  He knocked down his baby gate a couple of times so I put up two baby gates back to back.  He knocked them both down several times.  He threw anything he could get his hands on out into the hallway.  He screamed and screamed and screamed.  Anytime I had to go over there to put the gate back up he signed “eat” to me.  I told him no every time.  He had his chance.  Jackson and I just sat in the living room and glanced at each other from time to time and shook our heads.  I did not get mad.  I drank my coffee.  After about 35 minutes I went to put the gates up yet again and I said very calmly, “After your nap we’re going to the beach to play in the water.  So you better go to sleep.”


He stopped crying as if he had never been crying in the first place.  He said “play water” and he went and laid down in his bed and we haven’t heard a peep out of him.


His willfulness is quite unbelievable.


One Response to “That child.”

  1. Granny Says:

    So did he get to eat before going to the beach? The beach pictures are so cute.

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