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Why our kids’ grandparents ROCK! May 29, 2009

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1.  Our kids have never been in daycare because our parents have watched them so I could work part-time.


2. They genuinely love having them.  It’s not an obligatory thing.  If fact, if they don’t get enough time with them they leave mean messages on our phones and slash our tires.  It’s pretty scary.


3. They teach them invaluable stuff like peeing outside, making strange crafts, saying questionable things like “kiss off”, and of course lots of Bible stories.


4. Debbie has learned how to play countless video games just to be able to get Jackson through some of the harder parts.


5. My mom lets Mikey have a popsicle before breakfast.  He actually calls her “blue pop” instead of Granny.


6. Donald can be a very affective disciplinarian if he feels like it.


7. They give up their usual sleeping arrangements if Jack spends the night.  My mom abandons her trusty recliner for an air mattress and Donald gets kicked to the guest bed.


8. They think the annoying things the kids do are precious and endearing.  They laugh when we would have yelled.  They hug when we would have spanked.  They give candy when we would have said “no way.”  And they bite their tongues when we would have cussed like a sailor.


9. I don’t lose a moment worrying about the kids when they’re in their care.  I know they are as safe with “the folks” as they are with us… probably even more so because they don’t get on the computer and completely loose track of time while Mikey escapes out the front door.


10.  They almost always send them home with clean clothes.  Seriously if they have them overnight, they almost always wash and fold their clothes and put them back in their bags.  I mean, how cool is that??


And I’m sure there are many more reasons why our kids’ grandparents rock but I’ve got about 6 1/2 hours left of free time (thanks to the grandparents) and I don’t want to waste any more of it talking about how awesome they are.


Mom, Donald, Debbie,

You just can never know how amazing you are and how blessed we are to have you guys around.  Our kids lives and our lives are so much richer because of you.  Thank you.


3 Responses to “Why our kids’ grandparents ROCK!”

  1. Granny Says:

    Jenny, I am so blessed because of the time that you and Phillip allow me to have with Jackson and Mikey. I thrive on my time with them and with Garrett and Kyle. I’m going to see them tomorrow, and I can hardly wait. These 4 little boys, with their beautiful faces, and their beautiful and independent personalities are a God send.
    Next weekend, I will see 3 of my grown grandkids and my baby great grandson in Alabama, and hopefully, sometime this summer, I can visit my other 3 grown grand daughters in Missouri.
    I love all 11 of them, and my children and their spouses. You all ARE my life. What a luck Granny I am.

  2. Granny Says:

    “lucky” not “luck”. I’ve got to proofread.

  3. Debbie Says:

    Yeah, we do don’t we? Seriously, we are so blessed to live close to the two cutest, sweetest boys in the world. It is our pleasure to be an important part of their lives and look forward to many more wonderful times with them. This is the best time of our lives! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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