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Not Me! Monday June 1, 2009

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Check out My Charming Kids to see hundreds of other people who “didn’t do” anything wrong this week! 


Let’s, where do I begin?


Imagine this hypothetical scenario:


A reasonably intelligent (and attractive) young woman innocently neglects to pay the water bill.  Well, actually, she paid the water bill but she didn’t pay enough the month before and didn’t realize it.  She didn’t realize it because it was double what it usually was because she accidentally left the sprinkler on all night long one night.  She gets a late notice in the mail but thinks it’s a mistake because she knows she paid the bill so she ignores it.  This same young woman happens to be cleaning the house and listening to James Brown while wearing clothes that are not appropriate for public viewing when the city guy comes to her door to inform her he is turning the water off.  She answers the door in the inappropriate clothing for reasons she still can’t explain.  She can’t use her own cell phone to call the city and tell them there’s a mistake because her cell phone is dead and she hasn’t bothered to look for the charger.  So she has to stand at the door in her inappropriate clothing and use the city worker’s cell phone.  Upon realizing that it is indeed her mistake and not the city’s she immediately goes to pay her late water bill, after changing clothes of course.  The city worker decides to hold off on turing off the water because he liked what he saw at the door she was going to pay it immediately.  So when she gets there to pay, already embarrassed, she sees that the young lady who is working the window is a client whom she photographed a few months earlier. 


The lady in the above scenario was NOT ME!!!!  Promise!  


I also did not just (this morning) go to a Zumba class in pajama pants.  That would be really stupid and I don’t do stupid stuff.


2 Responses to “Not Me! Monday”

  1. Heather Nelson Says:

    love it!!!

  2. Mom Says:

    How funny! And now I’m really anticipating the Not Me! Mondays.

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