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"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." – Willy Wonka

Not Me! Monday June 22, 2009

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Check out My Charming Kids to see hundreds of other people who “didn’t do” anything wrong this week!


I’m proud to say there’s not much to deny but there are a few things.

I so did not forget to call a client on Saturday morning to set up a time to meet with her to deliver her CD. I always read my calendar and never forget to do the things that I put on it. But if I had forgotten to call her when I said I would, I would have eventually remembered and called her a little late. But when I called her I didn’t accidentally call the WRONG client and proceed to talk to her like she was the other client. She wasn’t completely perplexed by the whole thing. She didn’t politely let me ramble on for entirely too long even though she didn’t really know what I was calling her about. Ha!Ha! That would be crazy if I did something like that. But I didn’t so it’s all fine.

I didn’t act a bit too nonchalant at the park when Mikey almost got plowed into by a kid on a swing. I didn’t say that he needs to learn the hard way. I did not get fussed at by another parent for being careless with my kid. No Way! I would have yelled, ran, begged, dove to keep my child out of harm’s way. I would not have casually watched him get his teeth knocked out. I’m a better mom than that. Promise.

I didn’t lose my mind at the grocery store and buy stuff to make rice krispie treats, s’mores, and chocolate chip cookies. I only buy healthy stuff for my family. I wouldn’t waste money on that kind of junk food. No way, not me! And since I am a seasoned pro at making rice krispie treats, I didn’t make an unbelievable mess. I certainly did not think it would save time and be easier to mix the cereal and marshmallow goo with my ungreased hands. That would be quite stupid. I would know that it would get stuck all over my hands. And I did not then proceed to eat the equivalent of about 6 rice krispie treats off of my hands because I didn’t want to waste it. I certainly didn’t try to wipe the last bits off with a dry paper towel as to basically tar and feather my hands with marshmallows and paper. No, I would know that would be a disaster. Phillip didn’t have to come and finish up the treat making job because I was too incapacitated to do it. He didn’t laugh at me while I was eating that mess off of my hands. No! I can make rice krispie treats! But I don’t because they’re junk food!


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