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He’s on a Wolverine kick June 30, 2009

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I’m sure you’ll remember this picture…..

Today while the rest of us were taking a nap, Jackson watched some Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon. And he made this out of foam. Pretty impressive.


The back of it


He hasn’t seen the actual Wolverine movie by the way. And he won’t be seeing it so I’m not exactly sure what has peaked his interest in the X-Men all of a sudden. After he made this he said that if he grows up to be a video game designer he’s going to make a game called “Foam Wolverine.” Whatever dude.


One Response to “He’s on a Wolverine kick”

  1. Granny Says:

    Jenny, Jackson brought home the first in a trilogy of Wolverine a few days ago that we bought at Target. We watched it here, then he took it home.

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