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A little bit of random July 3, 2009

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It’s 10:35 and I haven’t eaten anything yet and I’m feeling quite hungry. I should probably do something about that situation before it gets worse.

A team from our church is now in Kenya. Here’s their blog.

I think Jackson’s legs are longer than mine.

Mikey has had a very hard couple of days but now we think maybe he’s coming out of it. We’re still kind of walking on eggshells around him.

I need to get our fat dog groomed. Maybe I’ll make that call once I’m done doing this. He’s really only fat because he’s on steroids. Okay that’s a lie. He’s fat because we don’t walk him enough AND because he’s on steroids.

I’m not very happy with my haircut. It seems like she cuts it a little different every time. I want my last haircut back.

I need to get my truck inspected but the “check engine” light is on. I need a shady mechanic who will let it pass inspection anyway. Know of any?

I need to buy stuff to make potato salad.

I’ve just about decided to start wearing shorts in public and not care that my legs are obscenely white. I really need to get over that hangup.

I’m gonna go eat some Cheerios now.


2 Responses to “A little bit of random”

  1. thestunzfamily Says:

    You definitely need shorts! You will not want to wear pants over here.

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