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He’s unique, they say. July 14, 2009

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We have Mikey in our local ECI (early childhood intervention) program. He has a speech therapist who comes out once a week and an occupational therapist who comes once a month. The occupational therapist might start coming more often, not sure about that yet. Anyway, they both came today and we spent most of the time just talking about Mikey. We talked about what he does, doesn’t do, strategies, ideas…etc. They tell me that he’s unique and doesn’t follow the typical developmental milestones. In some ways he’s advanced for his age. Other ways he’s behind. They do not believe (and I don’t either) that he has the typical red flags for autism so that is very good. They both think that the approach we’re now taking with the bedtime “routine” is the best thing. They both are very encouraging about how we handle him. It’s nice to get a little backup about what you’re doing. They think we’re extremely patient with him. That’s because they haven’t seen us at our worst. The speech therapist is going to loan me a book called The Challenging Child or something along those lines. Maybe it will give me some ideas.

I think his strong will and fearless demeanor can carry him far in life if we’re only able to channel it for good. I believe Mikey will not only succeed but excel at whatever he decides to do in life. He is and will be a force to be reckoned with. Right now he is excelling at rattling my nerves and melting my heart constantly. Maybe all strong-willed children are like this. But when you take strong-willed, sweet, fearless, FAST, hilarious, volatile, brilliant, charismatic, and gorgeous and stick them all together, it makes for a very challenging situation. Trust me.

BTW, we’re trying to do the bedtime thing with no baby gate. The “theory” is that if there is not a barrier to throw the toys over that he won’t throw toys anymore. We’ll see about that. He resents the gate so we’re hoping that maybe he’ll feel more calm without it. Tonight we removed most of the toys and the baby gate. We told him not to cross the line of the threshold. So far, he’s kind of obeying. He’s tiptoeing right up to the threshold and smiling a big toothy raised eyebrows kind of grin. We’re so hopelessly in love with him.



3 Responses to “He’s unique, they say.”

  1. thestunzfamily Says:

    Oh my goodness!! How could you not be hopelessly in love with that kid!

    I have nothing that will be of help and I’m sorry for that. But I love you guys and will continue to pray. None of us are perfect parents but you guys are THE perfect parents for Mikey. He’s so incredibly fortunate to have been put in your care. That was no mistake.

    • Dedee Says:

      You were chosen by God for that special “unique” beautiful little boy! Hang in there….I spent several years thinking I would not survive one little boy that God blessed me with! 🙂

  2. Sandra Heaslet Says:

    I agree with your friends – God did place Mikey specifically in your care because you are the best parents for him. I briefly mentioned to you about the many special families I work with as a speech therapist, but one has stuck out in my mind especially when trying to understand God’s plan for our family. This one family has a son with Muscular Dystrophy and knows that their time with their child is limited. One day I asked the Mom how she does it and her response was, “We are the lucky ones. God chose us to be his parents.” Even at your most frustrated know that you are exactly what Mikey needs. You will figure it out, with patience, prayer, and time. Another favorite quote I live by (and have to remind myself of constantly) is: “God’s Will will not lead you where God’s Grace cannot keep you”. I hope this helps in some small way.

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