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Spidermen July 23, 2009

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We have lots of boy dress up clothes. Lots and lots of boy dress up clothes. We have three Spiderman costumes, Darth Vader, Ninja Turtle, Batman, Superman, Doctor, Police Officer…. maybe more I can’t think of at the moment. The other day they both wanted to be Spiderman. The quality of these pictures is bad so disregard that. I’m sure 98% of you don’t give a rip about that anyway. I particularly like the underwears on the floor in the first two pictures. You can find little boy underwears on the floor pretty much any time day or night. I really don’t know why that keeps happening.


Even Spiderman picks his nose sometimes.
IMG_5984 (1)


One Response to “Spidermen”

  1. Aunt Gale Says:

    Jack is such a good big brother. I presume he was trying to teach Mikey how to do the web thing. Great pictures, Jenny, as always.

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