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Looking forward to our new life August 13, 2009

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Last year about this time Phillip was starting back to work at Sharpstown Middle in Houston, I was preparing to teach 4 year olds three days a week, and Jack was getting ready to start 1st grade at a local elementary school. One year later Phillip is beginning to prepare to teach Pre-K through 4th grade music in Freeport, my only source of income will be my business, Jackson is looking forward to his year of 2nd grade at home, and Mikey will be starting the 2 year old class at a local preschool that I love! Lots of changes in store for our little family. I think we’re all a bit anxious and unsure about how these new things are going to work out (except Mikey…he’s oblivious). But we’re all really looking forward to our new life that will allow us much more time to be together. It’s going to be a good year.


One Response to “Looking forward to our new life”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Good luck with it all!

    I’m feelin’ ya regarding all this change stuff! Nick and I are in a bit of a transition at the moment as well. Like you guys….all of our best made plans over the last few months are now COMPLETELY dissolving right in front of us. Oh well……whatever will be will be…..

    Anyhow, I’m sure all will work out well! x

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