Jenny Hintze

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." – Willy Wonka

Coloring outside August 17, 2009

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Mikey went to sleep by 7:30 this evening so Jack and I decided to go outside and color. Well, actually Jackson colored and I took pictures and drank coffee. We stayed out until it finally got dark. The light, by the way, is from a motion light on our house. I’m sure you were really wondering about that.



2 Responses to “Coloring outside”

  1. Nana Says:

    Looks like jackson got a little sun today. He’s a sweet child.

  2. Aunt Gale Says:

    Thanks for posting some pics of the kids Jenny. I was really lonesome for them. Only problem is, now I am even more lonesome. But keep the pictures coming.

    He is getting so grown up. And quite an artist as well.

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