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Jack’s a picky eater. August 18, 2009

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Jackson can’t eat mashed potatoes of any kind. He physically cannot swallow them. It’s really the funniest thing to watch. Occasionally we’ll make him take a bite of mashed potatoes just to get a good laugh. It’s not child abuse but it’s close.

Jackson won’t eat any kind of ice cream unless it’s vanilla soft serve from El Toro. He doesn’t eat Bluebell, Dairy Bar, Baskin Robbins, Sonic….just El Toro ice cream.

Jackson has never eaten a bowl of cereal with milk in his life. He will occasionally eat dry cereal. He used to eat oatmeal when he was a toddler. But he has never eaten a bowl of cold cereal with milk. Never.

Jackson does not eat toast. He will eat whole wheat bread with butter on it but not if it’s toasted. He doesn’t like toast. He decided this about a year ago.

Jackson dips anything he can in ranch dressing. Pizza, chicken, green beans, meatballs, meatloaf, crackers, even green apples are all better dipped in ranch dressing.

Jackson does not drink milk unless it has strawberry powder in it. In order to wean him from breast milk (to make the men reading uncomfortable) to cow’s milk, we started adding a little strawberry powder. The nurse at the pediatrician’s office told us to do it. She said to put less and less strawberry powder every day until he was drinking milk without it. Except we never decreased the strawberry powder. I don’t know if he’s every had a glass of milk without strawberry powder in it.

Jackson doesn’t like macaroni and cheese of any kind. He will eat it if I make him but he gags and acts like it’s killing him.

Jackson only ate meat called “chicken” for the first five years of his life. We have since stopped calling everything chicken.

Jackson does not eat cake or pie or cobbler or any other kind of dessert other than basic cookies. He will occasionally lick the icing off of a piece of cake or cupcake but he rarely ever eats the actual cake.

Jackson did not eat the school lunch at all in Kindergarten. I made his lunch every single day. It basically consisted of a dry ham and cheese sandwich with no crust, a fruit rollup, some kind of fruit, crackers, and a juice box. In first grade he ate the school lunch every time it was formed chicken shapes or pizza. I made the decision that he would eat the school lunch if it was those things. He gave in.

Jackson basically drinks white grape juice exclusively.



One Response to “Jack’s a picky eater.”

  1. lindseymichelle Says:

    Oh, man. I think my husband was that kind of child. And he never grew out of it. He won’t eat fresh green beans. Only canned – Green Giant 1/2 inch Kitchen Slice diagonal cut. No seafood. No nuts. No “hot liquids” – including soup. I have slowly taught him how to eat salad occasionally. Luckily he’s good at picking around what he doesn’t like and not complaining, so I cook what I want to eat and he’ll pick out the ingredients he doesn’t like. 🙂

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