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The first week of homeschooling September 4, 2009

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I kind of hate to say that this first week has been so easy. It kind of makes me think that I must be doing something wrong for it to be so easy. Is that optimistic or what?? Anyway, we’ve had a great week so far. This is sort of a run down of what we’ve done this week. And I haven’t taken a single picture yet.

– 8 spelling words (compound words) that Jack has mastered

– Psalm 24:1 memorized “The earth is the Lords, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.”

– Lots of handwriting practice – Jackson still has pretty sloppy handwriting. Must be a guy thing.

– 11 pages of math done – The math we’re doing right now is actually 1st grade level and it’s too easy for him. We’re skipping lots of pages and moving pretty quickly. I wanted him to have some review time and sort of figure out where he is in math before we move on to 2nd grade stuff.

– Lots of good discussion and “experiments” with water including a water balloon fight of sorts.

– We have read 4 chapters is Red Sails to Capri by Ann Weil. I read a chapter or so to him and then we talk about it. I think this book is kind of boring but he seems to like it. I think it’s holding his interest more than mine.

– He has read 7 chapters of More Stories from Grandma’s Attic by Arleta Richardson. He reads this book to himself and then we talk about it. He’s not enjoying this book. We’ll both be glad when we’re done with it. The next book he’ll be reading is The Whipping Boy. Maybe he’ll like that one better.

– History is still something that we haven’t really found our groove in yet. I need to really work at making this stuff more interesting by finding stuff online and doing other activities and stuff. As of right now, History is just something we have to do, just a box to be checked. I really don’t want it to be like that.

– I need to find a good daily Bible devotional for kids. I haven’t really looked for a good one yet. This week we read about Moses and talked about some of that. He also had a good talk about Heaven and Hell last night in the car.

Another homeschool mom told me that when you homeschool, you begin to realize that your kids are learning all the time. It doesn’t really stop when you’re finished with your assignments for the day. We talk about “school stuff” in the car while we’re driving and at dinner. It’s great because I actually know what he’s learning about so I can include it in our daily conversation. I rarely ever talked to him about what he was learning in school before. Teaching him in this way just seems so natural and organic. I can see what where he’s struggling and where he’s excelling. I can see the wheels turn and the light bulbs go on. It’s really cool to be so involved in what he’s learning again. I have really missed that.

Jack will be blogging about his take on this first week later today. His blog is The Scary Lamppost. He wanted to name it that….don’t ask me. He doesn’t blog very often but I’m going to start requiring it of him once or twice a week. When he blogs, he usually dictates and I type it out. Hopefully in the next year, he’ll be doing his posts on his own.


3 Responses to “The first week of homeschooling”

  1. Granny Says:

    Sounds like a successful and happy week to me.

  2. thestunzfamily Says:

    i had found a decent online devotional when i worked at the church. you might see if that link is still there and if it’s one you like.

    way to go. sounds like a great week! he probably needs more spelling words. 🙂

  3. jhintze Says:

    Yes, he probably does need more spelling words. I figured we’d take it easy the first week.

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