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Random September 5, 2009

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I have two new zits. When will I stop getting zits? This is ridiculous.

Jackson has three loose teeth right now. He’s trying to get one out tonight before he falls asleep. I’m about to yank it myself.

I haven’t gone back for another pedicure. People said I would get addicted but I didn’t. I kind of think feet are supposed to be gross.

Mikey got a haircut the other day. He’s now cuter than ever.

A friend of ours will be helping us take our family pictures in about a week. We haven’t had a family picture in about 2 years. And I had to photoshop my head from another image.

One of my pinky nails looks long enough to do something illegal with. But I don’t do that.

Our next door neighbors got a new pit bull puppy. I want to play with it.

I really want a new lens. The one I really want is *only* $1,900. I will continue to want it for years to come.

When I see kittens I want a kitten really bad. But then I remember how the litter box smell fills the house and I change my mind again…until I see another kitten.

I’m ready for the next season of Dexter to start up again.

I bought some new black flip flops but they make my feet black on the bottom. I’m not happy about that.

I haven’t read a good book in a while. Know of any? Don’t say “The Bible.” I’m aware of that one.

Mikey has been wiping boogers on me today. He thinks it’s pretty funny. So do I.


2 Responses to “Random”

  1. Ashley Says:

    New book ideas:
    Nonfiction – I just finished the book Closer Than Your Skin by Susan Hill. Really loved it. It’s about the mystery of intimacy with God. Great author and really made me think about some things.
    Fiction – Have you read the Harry Potter series? Because I love them. And I think you might too. 🙂
    Not sure what you’re in the mood for – I go back and forth.

  2. Cyndi Says:

    I like all Jodi Piccolet books I’ve read – Salem Falls was the last I read of hers. World with out End by Ken Follett and also just read Cider House Rules, very good read. The Red Tent was also good. That is probably enough recommends for not. Reading Twilight right now – not loving it, but the last 1/4 has been hard to put down.

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