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A day in the life…. September 9, 2009

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of our homeschool family.

Here are some pictures from today. First, this is Jackson being weird and practicing his handwriting and spelling words. This week we’re learning about suffixes. He can tell me what a suffix is and give me some examples. He can also spell his words correctly. He has also memorized the second verse of Psalm 24 and can recite Psalm 24:1-2 *basically* correct. Jack’s really getting fat. Can’t you tell?


Jackson is close to being done with More Stories from Grandma’s Attic. We’re both really bored with this one. I mean, I’m sorry Arleta. I’m sure your grandma was cool and all that but we’re pretty ready to put her on the shelf for good. Thankfully we only have to read one of the four books she wrote about her grandmother’s childhood.


We are also almost done with Red Sails to Capri. This is a book that I read to Jackson. We have one more chapter to go. I took these with the camera on the tripod with the timer. Why did I do that? Because I’m a dork.

We’ve been doing Singapore Math but today we opened up the Miquon Math stuff and played around a little. Jack thought it was kind of fun but mostly confusing. Me, I was just too busy taking picture to be of much assistance. “Figure it out yourself, kid” – That’s my motto.


So now it’s about 1:00. Jack’s eating lunch and watching Daffy Duck while I blog in my pajamas. I need to shower and go get Mikey from my mom’s and then as much as I don’t want to, we’ll probably go to the pool. You know, on second thought I don’t think I’m going to bother showering. I’m just going to get covered in pool funk anyway.


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