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Not Me! Monday September 21, 2009

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It’s Monday again, folks. How has your week been? Any of you run out of gas? Or maybe told off a telemarketer over the phone? Maybe you went to the store with a few very specific things in mind and got totally distracted, spent $100 on stuff, and left without those things you went there for in the first place. Well, your not alone!! This is not me! Monday!!
NotMeMondayButtonV6copyThis blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So we didn’t have a less than great day today on the homeschooling front. And more importantly, I am not totally disheartened after one not so great day. I didn’t give up today with my whiny somewhat uncooperative child and let him watch Dennis The Menace for an hour even though we are still technically “behind” according to our “curriculum.” Not me! I never quit! I never fail…I always persevere…always hope… always…wait that’s something else. Anyway, I’m not starting to fear that this homeschooling thing *may not* work out long term after a mere 4 weeks!!! That’s ridiculous. I would be ashamed of myself if that were the case. But it’s not.

I didn’t have to go pick up my young son (you know, the one with the angelic face) early from preschool on Thursday for hitting!1!!!1! What?! Not my son. I’m not thinking of starting a tally book of all the times he will have to go to the office in his life. Nope, not me!! And I certainly don’t think it’s even a little bit funny that someone outside our family is blessed with his presence two mornings a week. I don’t feel like doing the happy dance as I drive away from the preschool after dropping him off. I cherish every moment I have with my children…both of them. It breaks my heart to leave that poor baby and I miss him terribly until I eagerly return to pick him up, anxiously waiting until I can lay eyes on his beautiful face again. Ha! Ha! Oh man, I crack myself up.

Earlier today I DID NOT have to spank our fat yorkie, Scott for tearing open a garbage bag and eating some of the garbage out of it. He did not drag a thrown away poopy pair of little boy’s underwear out into the yard!!!! And I have not completely procrastinated on cleaning up the mess because I just don’t want to deal with it. It’s not still sitting in our backyard as I type these words just attracting flies and who knows what else. I will probably NOT wait until it gets dark and then have to go out there and juggle a flash light while cleaning up the mess he made. Dang, obese, stupid name dog!


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