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He’s not the favorite. September 22, 2009

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So I’m about to post more Mikey pictures. And I feel guilty.

I just want you to realize that I know that I post more pictures of Mikey than Jackson. I don’t know that I really have a good reason. I think that Mikey is just able to shut me out more than Jackson right now. Jackson either hams it up or begs for me to stop photographing him and it kind of wears on my nerves. Mikey just pretends I’m not there. I have plans in the next few days to take Jack out and take some pictures of him. We didn’t get very many of Jackson last week with Micaela because we didn’t really plan on doing many individuals of the boys. But Mikey was so funny with the ice cream we just couldn’t miss it. But I know that even though Jack is kind of silly for pictures, that’s just who he is right now and I need to be capturing it.

So I just want you to know that I know. And Mikey’s not the favorite. And Jackson’s not the favorite. Phillip’s the favorite. But just to alleviate some of my guilt, here are a couple of silly pictures of Jackson from the other day. He wanted me to try this stupid gum. He sounded like a commercial for it all day.



One Response to “He’s not the favorite.”

  1. Nana Says:

    He may be silly right now but he is still so sweet. And it has been difficult to get a really good picture of him for a while now. He just doesn’t like the camera. Love that boy!

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