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Fresco! September 23, 2009

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So yesterday and today Jackson and I have been reading about the people who lived in Crete during 3000 BC to 1400 BC. The culture of these people is called Minoan so these folks are either called Cretans or Minoans. Anyway, they made these large pieces of art called frescoes. According to my very limited understanding, it’s a way of painting plaster while it’s still wet so the paint absorbs into the wet plaster. So today we made a couple. If you are so inclined, you can read more about frescoes here. So to make the fish Jack first painted the inside of the fish mold with watercolor paints. Then while it was still wet we poured in the wet plaster of paris. The fish is technically probably not a fresco because we didn’t actually paint the wet plaster. But I thought it would look cool so that’s what we did. Because of the mess, I didn’t get my camera out until we were done pouring plaster. We made quite a mess.


After they were done Jack decided to give the fish to Granny and the other thing(?) to Nana. BTW, it’s really hard to paint something that looks like anything on wet plaster.


5 Responses to “Fresco!”

  1. Nana Says:

    Well Nana is thrilled! And Jackson looks so happy to be doing this.

  2. Granny Says:

    I love my fish. I can tell Jackson had a great time with this project.

  3. Nana Says:

    Does it say “I heart U”?

  4. jhintze Says:

    You know, I don’t think it says that intentionally. The heart is intentional but the orange squiggles are just that, I think. But if you ask Jack he’ll tell you for sure.

  5. Aunt Gale Says:

    It definitely looks like I heart u…………. but it really doesn’t matter what it says though cause he gave it to his nana with love. He does love his Nana and his Granny.

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