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Stuff and junk October 13, 2009

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So this is kind of what’s been going on with us lately in case you’re interested.

You know you are.

Phillip’s job is going okay. I think he’s getting the hang of working with little kids. He’s preparing for his first “performance” of the year. The second graders are doing some patriotic thing, I think. And in case you’re wondering, they won’t be square dancing or paying tribute to Barack Hussein Obama… mmm….mmm….mmm….. And I think Phillip is doing the kids a huge disservice by singing about America and leaving out our super star president.

(sarcasm, people….seriously.)

I just sold one of my lenses. It’s a lens that I like and would rather not sell but I don’t LOVE it. I’m actually selling two lenses and buying one less expensive lens to help out our finances a little. It stinks but that’s the way it goes. Business has been slow. I know it will pick up. I’ll be putting together a wedding website probably in mid November. I’m excited about that. I’ve got some wedding work that I’m really proud of and I have another wedding the first weekend in November.

Mikey will be undergoing testing around the middle of November to see what he qualified for as far as speech help. When he turns 3 in January he will no longer be receiving speech therapy through ECI at our home. There’s a speech therapy play lab at the college that sounds great and he might qualify for that. But it’s at the same time as his preschool, which means I would have to choose. I’m really hoping that I can get Mikey top notch speech therapy and still keep him at his current preschool. He loves it there and his teacher is AMAZING!!! This is how I know she’s amazing. When she talks to us about how great he’s doing, her eyes fill up with tears.

The homeschooling thing is going great for the most part. We have had a couple of bad days and are still trying to find our groove. Phillip and I have decided to take public schooling off the table for the next couple off years at least. I was reminding Jack…threatening Jack that if this homeschool thing doesn’t work out, then he’ll be back in public school for 3rd grade. It was becoming somewhat annoying to everyone. And public schooling IS NOT bad and shouldn’t be used as a threat. I know that but it’s hard to keep that in mind when you’ve got a kid wearing on your nerves. I’m sure if you have homeschooled, you know where I’m coming from. Anyway, if Jack’s attitude stinks and he’s being lazy he will be punished right then and there instead of reminded how great he has it every 10 minutes. Phillip and I think that for our family and for Jackson this is the best education for him for the next few years. And so taking the possibility of public school out of the equation is the best thing right now.

So I guess that sort of sums it up for now. I covered everyone in our home except the dog. And he’s lazy and I don’t walk him enough and he needs to be groomed. Other than that, he’s fine too.


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