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Halloween 2009 October 31, 2009

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This posts contains a bunch of not-too-pretty-good Halloween type snapshots of my children. These first few not-too-pretty-good pictures are from Thursday night when we went to a festival thing at the L.J. Historical Museum.

And the rest are from tonight. We went to a carnival at the 1st Presbyterian Church. I have to point out the pony pictures to you. I didn’t really realize that most of the parents of the little kids were walking the track beside their kids to keep them from falling off. I didn’t really realize that there was nothing keeping Mikey on that pony except his own hand until he was already on his way. So instead of running to catch up to keep him safe, I just took pictures. The girl pulling him probably thought he was about four so she probably wasn’t worried about it. Anyway, thankfully he didn’t fall off and get trampled by the stallion he was riding.


One Response to “Halloween 2009”

  1. Mom Says:

    What fun. Thanks for posting these, Jenny.

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