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Stellan’s having surgery today. November 9, 2009

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I follow MckMama’s blog and that’s where I got the the Not Me Monday thing from. I know today is Monday I was starting on Not Me! Monday but MckMama is in Boston with Stellan and he’s having surgery today. You can read about it over at her blog. I might still do the Not Me! Monday thing later today but that baby needs prayer! Lots and lots of prayer! He is a very sick little boy.


One Response to “Stellan’s having surgery today.”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Well, I heard from a new friend in Singapore that he came through surgery quite well. A small world moment… One of the ladies I went to Indonesia with on Tuesday was all giddy with joy after hearing his surgery was successful. Her daughter had the same problem and she has been following Stellan and connecting with the family for a while now.


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