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Things that weird me out November 21, 2009

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I did a shoot last week with some friends of ours. Jim said that he would like to see a list of all the things that weird me out. Apparently I say that a lot. Who knew?

So Jim, this is for you.

– Raw chicken! Touching it, seeing it, smelling it, knowing about it…

– People walking in step (for no good reason) weirds me out. Especially if they’re trying to stay in step with me.

– When women call their husbands “hubby” or “hubs”….

– Putting clothes on dogs weirds me out. (We just bought a shirt for Scott, btw.)

– People wearing matching clothes weirds me out. Especially when it’s grown-ups. That’s just wrong, in my opinion. Prisoners wear matching clothes and it is NOT cute, people.

– The way Jackson pulls his pants up to his belly button. Weirds. Me. Out.

– Really long toe nails.

– Seeing our names in our State Farm calendar really weirded me out.

– That red truck that drives around the L.J. area that is COVERED in Jesus bumper stickers weirds me out.

– Aaron Sanders kind of weirds me out.

– Dentyne gum.

– Wearing skirts weirds me out.

– People hugging me sometimes weirds me out.

– Those pre-packaged ranch dressing packets that don’t require refrigeration GROSS me out!


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