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Not me! Monday November 23, 2009

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So I’m feeling like the Not Me! Monday fun is winding down. I haven’t done it for the last two weeks and I’m not that excited about doing it right now. So that’s probably a good indication that I’m officially bored with it. I guess we’ll see.

NotMeMondayButtonV6copyAnyhoo…this blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

A week or two ago while we were at the park I wasn’t playing on my iphone instead of watching my kids. I am an extremely attentive parent at all times! Anyway, hypothetically speaking…let’s say Mikey somehow got his knees strangely stuck between the bars around the top of the slide. Let’s say that he started crying but my brain didn’t even notice because…well…he kind of whines and cries off and on all day long. Anyway, I wasn’t so busy playing on my iphone that I didn’t hear him and a little girl didn’t have to say “Um excuse me but I think your little boy is crying.” I didn’t say “Oh I’m sure he’s fine.” Meanwhile he was not completely stuck in the bars and I didn’t have to finally yank him out and leave bruises on either side of his knees. Yeah, those scenarios might happen to other mothers but NOT ME! Promise.

On Sunday evening Mikey didn’t have ice cream and cake for dinner. Nope. Tonight he did not have the entire family’s left over pizza crusts for dinner. Again with the nope.

Jack and I didn’t just decide to take a nap today for an hour while we probably should have been reading about Ancient Greece or who knows what. Um… didn’t happen that way at all.

I didn’t call a driver a “stupid idiot” today with my children in the car. Jack didn’t defend the (stupid idiot) driver by saying that he looked “tired and beat up.” I didn’t then say, “Yeah well, he’s still an idiot.” Uh….what? No way! Not this quaint homeschooling Jesus loving happily married mother of two. You’ve got me mixed up with some psycho mom I’m pretty sure.

Oh my gosh!! I almost forgot…I DID NOT take Mikey into Sonshine Books, our local Christian bookstore wearing his “Handsome Little Devil” t-shirt!! HA!! HA!! How awesome would that have been though had I done that? Pretty awesome, right? I thought so.

Last but not least, I did not just watch Dexter and am now not blogging while I should be working on photos which will in turn cause me to stay up much too much too late again and will not require another unscheduled middle of the day nap tomorrow.

Alrighty then, take it easy. I wish for you a good week of not only happily noticing your many inadequacies but pointing them out to others so they can laugh at you. It really is fun.


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