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Just a couple of things. December 10, 2009

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A couple of things.

One, we had an interesting Target visit on…I don’t even know what day that was. Tuesday?? I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. Anyway, I wanted to do a little shopping at Target and the boys needed to eat lunch so I decided we would eat a junkie lunch at Target and then shop. I bought myself a sandwich and some chips, Mikey a hot dog, and Jack some chicken strips and some Cheetos for the boys to share. I also got Mikey an Icee because we usually get him an Icee at Target because we know that will keep him content for about 30 minutes. So while I was filling up Mikey’s Icee cup another child nearby asked his mom for an Icee. She said that he couldn’t have an Icee because they are full of sugar and red dye. She intentionally said it much louder than she needed to say it and shot me an evil glance as she said it. I raised one eyebrow at her and grinned because she can kiss off as far as I’m concerned. Keep in mind this lady was buying her son a Target hot dog and fixing herself a soda. Anyway, Mikey refused to eat anything “healthy” so I wouldn’t let him have anymore Cheetos or Icee. He had a major meltdown falling on the floor knocking food off the table crazy out of this world screaming fit. We ended up throwing the majority of our food away and going home. So basically we drove to Target to spend $10 on junk that we didn’t really eat. Fun times.

Second thing, today while at the post office with Mikey a lady who heard me speak at church…. okay let me back up. A couple of weeks ago and a couple of weeks before that I spoke briefly at our church about the pregnancy losses we experienced and our road to adopt Mikey. Fast forward to today, a lady who I have never met before said she enjoyed hearing me speak at church. She also said Mikey is gorgeous or something like that and that she loved how friendly he is. And I got in the car thinking that if the Target flipping out kicking screaming Mikey had been at the post office today that could have been awkward. Because instead of enjoying my angel child I would have been screaming at him and lifting him off the floor by the back of his pants.

So now I am painfully aware that I have to be on my best parental behavior in public because one of the thousand or so people who heard me speak about him might be watching. So now I can’t swat him on the behind in public, not that I ever did that anyway. Promise.


2 Responses to “Just a couple of things.”

  1. Granny Says:

    Guess times have changed. When I see a child throwing a fit at a store, my thought is “Why doesn’t the parent swat him on the behind”. (And I do know that he DID get a swat on the behind when he got home-with a “hai bwus”!

  2. mindy Says:

    When I see meltdowns in public, I’ll be honest – I used to be judgmental. But once you have a child, I think you understand there’s so much more to that 10 minutes. Now I just smile with a respectful look hoping my child will either make it through the store without a fit or I am thankful I’m alone on that trip without my child.

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