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Mikey and school December 20, 2009

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I’m writing this from my phone so if it looks weird or has lots of typos that’s why.

So most of you reading this know that the whole preschool thing didn’t really end up working out for Mikey. And I’ve been pretty sad about it because I really believe he needs to be able to learn and have fun in a classroom with other kids his age. He was evaluated/tested through the school district last week to see what kind of educational services he might qualify for through the school ditrict. They called on Friday and they believe it would be a good idea to put him an early childhood program at one of our local elementary schools. He will be in a class with about 7 other kids his age and three adults. The children in his class will have varying degrees of abilities and disabilities. And these adults are trained to teach kids who might be a bit more challenging to teach. I have mixed feelings about this but all in all I think he will love it and I think it will be great for him. They are not concerned about Mikey cognitively at all but there enough concerns about his language and behavior to require some intervention.

I know that many kids slip through the cracks when it comes
to early intervention because of choices made by parents or doctors. I guess I feel a little guilty because we have tried to get Mikey every available service to help him succeed and I hope that we haven’t gone overboard.

So he will start at this school shortly after his third birthday. He’ll go five days a week for three hours every afternoon. I hope this will be a great thing for him and will provide him with the type of environment he needs. And I’ll keep you
all posted.


3 Responses to “Mikey and school”

  1. Beej Says:

    I don’t believe there is such a thing as overboard (which now that I think about it, is more than likely the reason why my children think they are absolutely fantastic).

  2. Granny Says:

    This sounds exciting, and Mikey will love it.

  3. Nana Says:

    And I am so glad he will be with people who are trained to deal with his particular needs. He is so so smart and funny and has come so far. We look forward to seeing him grow into what God has planned for him.

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