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Laughing in hard times December 22, 2009

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I don’t know if I’ve ever told this story here. I don’t think so.

About four years ago Phillip and I were sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for him to confirm our worst fears about our pregnancy. We were sitting there numb, solemn, weary, out of tears. It was a very bad day. And as we were sitting there in that doctor’s office waiting, a lady came in. She was probably in her mid to late 40’s if I remember correctly. And it seems like she was wearing some kind of work out outfit with very tight fitting pants. I don’t have to tell you that sometimes the people who wear the tightest and most revealing clothing have the least amount of business wearing them. Anyway, she went up to the counter right in front of us and leaned over the counter and stuck her booty out and we saw more of her thong underwear and crack than we could have ever wanted. And it took everything in both of us not to laugh out loud right there in that silent doctor’s office waiting room. It was just so funny. And when things are pretty bad and you need to laugh sometimes it becomes the hysterical out of control tears rolling down kind of laughter. But I think we held it together.

As gross as it sounds, that lady’s butt was sort of a gift to us that day. I really believe that God sends us lots of moments like that when we need them. There were many things like that during those 2 years. And for the most part, Phillip and I embraced them all, figuratively speaking, of course. We didn’t actually embrace that lady’s butt. In times of great sorrow there are always things that we can find to make us laugh and smile.

I have a friend who is going through a time of great sorrow right now. And yesterday I saw and heard her laugh. I hope this time in their lives is sprinkled with lots of funny and joyful things. We all need that from time to time even if it is a gross booty put on display for all to see.


2 Responses to “Laughing in hard times”

  1. momma Says:

    Jeny, I am Lindsey’s momma. Bless you for being a source of strength and comfort to her and Matt and Baby. Thank you for sharing from your heart and your personal story. We know that God had to pick a very special mommy and daddy for this baby. He always knows what he’s doing even when we don’t.

    And about Santa Claus…Lindsey never did believe…she said it was the song “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus” that made her realize (at age 3) that daddy was really Santa because she KNEW that I wouldn’t kiss anybody else! We’ve laughed a lot about that through the years.

  2. lindseymichelle Says:

    LOL – well this made me laugh, too! In high school I had a GROSS English teacher with a GROSS butt who, one day, decided it would be a good idea to wear thin banana yellow leggings. And the same day she felt the need to jump up on a desk and shake her booty emphatically to make a point about something. GROSS but funny memory…

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