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75% off!! January 18, 2010

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So I made our decision about next school year today because of a sale. Yep, that’s right. I went in our local school supply store because I heard everything was 75% off. I thought maybe I’d just grab a couple of things. Well, I ended up buying the bulk of our third grade supplies and stuff that we’ll use for fourth grade too. So I guess that seals the deal. We’ll be homeschooling for third grade. I would love to tell you that I spent hours in prayer and sought counsel from many wise and trusted friends, weighed the pros and cons and prayed some more. But I didn’t. A great sale made up my mind. Over $500 worth of stuff for $160. I did get some advise from friends too.

But I feel really great about next school year. This curriculum this year has kind of bogged us both down. Today we were able to really find some fun stuff. And Jack helped me pick a lot of it out. This is just some of the stuff we got:

– Science stuff including a magnet kit, big experiment kit, solar system kit, lots of books that Jack helped pick out.
– Geography and American history stuff that might actually interest us, including stuff about the president, mayor, and governor (Dedee!!)
– Handwriting without tears and handwriting without tears special paper
– Language arts, thinking skills, character building stuff
– Intro. Spanish stuff
– LOTS of math stuff!!
– Art books and some supplies
– A game about making wise purchases (such as buying everything you need @ 75% off!!)
– Some puzzles for Mikey

So I guess the main challenge I’ll have next year is that I’ll be sort of deciding what we learn and when. And I think I can handle that. We still need to buy some readers for next year but other than that, we’re pretty much set. Now…where in the world am I going to put all this stuff? I think I’ll put it in Phillip’s office. He won’t mind.


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