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And just like that… January 18, 2010

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my baby turned three.

Mikey was not excited about his birthday party for some reason. He didn’t want us to tell him happy birthday or talk about anything birthday related. He screamed the entire time we were getting him ready for his party and the drive over and for a few minutes once we got there. I really have no idea what got into him. But he eventually decided that it wasn’t so bad and he had fun.

The birthday boy. Oh wait…

The real birthday boy. This picture cracks me up. It totally sums up his third birthday. I wish it wasn’t blurry. Oh well, such is life.

Mikey wanted a green cake. These cakes pretty much looked horrible but they tasted pretty good. We won’t be using this cake man again.

Jack with his necktie shirt on.

I think Mikey was getting a “talking to” from his Granddad. That is serious business!

Phillip and Josh looking scary and like they probably shouldn’t be around small children.

Phillip with the scary blank stare.

Mikey enjoyed the opening presents part of the party.

Mikey smiled at this Mikey Mouse my mom got him for about half a second before he threw it. It was pretty funny.

Then he almost burned his face off on the candles on his cake. Dedee was the adult “in charge.” We didn’t sing “happy birthday” to him because that song makes him scream like he’s dying.


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