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Our first house hunt February 27, 2010

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Today Phillip, Jackson, and I went and looked at a few houses with our friend/real estate agent. Before we went to look at the houses Jack asked if we were going to be on T.V. He was referring to House Hunters. Jack said that he wants to be on House Hunters because he wants to be famous. Like being on that show will actually make you famous. I told him that we were not going to be on House Hunters and that House Hunters usually only follows people who live in large cities. He said that Lake Jackson is a big city. I guess to him it’s his whole world.

So we checked out five houses today. Jackson did somersaults on the floors of all of them. Lots of somersaults. In every room that he could. Phillip and I were talking this evening about how funny that would be if we were indeed on an episode of House Hunters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kid do that on House Hunters before. At one house he touched the computer mouse before I had a minor coronary. At another house he wanted to get a drink from their ice and water dispenser in their refrigerator. At another house he played their piano. I don’t know if we’ll take him house hunting with us again.

Out of the five houses we saw really there are only two that we would consider buying. One of those is really not big enough for what we “need” and the layout is pretty awkward. There are some nice things about it but it needs some work. The other house is plenty big enough, huge in fact. But the owners must have gotten drunk and gone wallpaper shopping because their choices of wallpaper is pretty atrocious. But other than the wallpaper the house looks like it’s in great shape and we like the layout. The foundation is in good shape and the roof is new. The kitchen is cute…except for the wallpaper. We would really have room to spread out in that house.

Phillip and I spent a good bit of this afternoon and evening talking about “what ifs” if we were able to get the big wallpapered house. I think we’re already sort of mentally imagining ourselves there and we know we shouldn’t be doing that yet. We have to sell our house first. It’s still really hard for me to even believe that we’re taking this step. I think we both kind of thought we’d be in this house forever. But it’s time. It’s time to find another house that can better manage our chaos. And who knows… if we get the huge wallpapered house I think we’d even have room for another kid. (Phillip, don’t roll your eyes. It’s not attractive.)


For sale and stuff February 25, 2010

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This arrived today.

So today marks day 1 of having to keep the house clean. Today I don’t mind. I’m happy to do it…giddy even. We are really hoping the house sells quickly. I’ll keep ya posted.

And if you know of anybody who is looking for an inexpensive house that’s in really good shape, tell them about ours. In the last two years we’ve had the outside painted, new roof put on, new double driveway, hardwoods refinished in living areas, and new AC. We’ve already done a pre-inspection and for the most part the house is in really good shape.


Vote for us!! February 18, 2010

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Hey we could win a free photo session and all the digital files on CD with an AWESOME photographer in Dallas!! Will you vote for us?? Phillip and I are #2. Follow the link below, scroll down a post or two, and VOTE!! Thanks. You rock.

vote here!!


No brainer February 11, 2010

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Being a parent is really hard. Even for those of you who aren’t parents, you can surely sympathize with that. You probably had parents and you know how raising you couldn’t have been a picnic. There are so many uncertainties. So many times when you’re not sure what the best thing is for your kid. So many possible different decisions that could have a huge impact on their lives. But a few things are kind of no brainers. Like buckling your child safely in the car for instance.

Just a little while ago I saw a little girl about 2 standing up in the backseat of the car in front of me. Her parents knew she was standing up. There is no way they couldn’t have seen her. I wanted to yell at her parents….honk….even yell at her to turn around and buckle up. But of course I didn’t do any of those things. I just smiled back at her while my heart raced and asked that God please protect her little life. How could some parents have so little regard for the well being of their children? It just makes me so angry.


Rainy morning

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It’s a rainy morning. Just Mikey and me.

So we…

hunted for monsters with flashlights in the dark.

stayed in our pajamas.

and played in the snow.

had sword fights.

roasted marshmallows.

What adventures did your rainy morning bring?


Upward Basketball February 4, 2010

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Jackson is playing basketball for the first time this year. It’s a great program called Upward. I’m sure most of you have heard of it so I’m not going to spend any time telling you about it. Jack had a game on Saturday and I took a few pictures. He is having a lot of fun and improving with each practice and game. But he’s still got a ways to go. Now hear this…I am NOT a sports photographer and I do not have a lens that even works for indoor sports photography. And I know these pictures are kind of icky. Maybe my next lens will be a nice telephoto prime L lens that will take great indoor sports shots. But probably not. Okay..on to the pictures.

Get outta his way. He’s ready to pounce!!

Jackson: My tooth is loose! Me: Okay, that’s great! Pay attention to the game!

Maybe Granddad can help with the tooth.

Watch out! He’s got the ball!!

During half time Grandad pulled the tooth out. Jack tried to give his bloody paper towel to his coach. His coach declined.

I don’t know why they were holding their ears.


The house that Mikey built

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I was just planning on doing a Mikey faces post and I was thrilled to be able to do that. I took a chance today and asked him if I could get my camera out and take some pictures of him and gave me a big YES!! So I got these and a lot more cute Mikey faces. While I was uploading those pictures to my computer Mikey began working very hard and precisely on this house. So I asked him again if I could get out my camera and take some pictures of his house and he was happy to let me. He hasn’t willingly let me take pictures of him in a couple of months or so. I really don’t know how long it’s been. So enjoy these precious Mikey pictures. I can’t promise you when I’ll be able to get more.