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Hot Pink Milk March 20, 2010

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Every morning when Mikey wakes up he wants hot pink (strawberry) milk. He used to just drink warm milk in the mornings until he discovered we had strawberry powder. So every morning we heat up his milk in the microwave, make it pink, and give it to him. He holds the cup in both hands to see if it’s hot enough before he takes a sip. Then he either begins to drink it or gives it back to us and says “More hot.” And because we’re complete schmucks, we usually do what he asks.

This morning I gave him his milk and he held it and even took a sip before he said “More hot.” I told him it was fine and to just drink it and then I went into my office for about 10 minutes. When I went back into the living room he held out his full cup that he had just been holding and said “More hot.” So I groaned and stuck it back in the microwave for 9 seconds and he drank it up.

Then he asked for more hot pink milk so I fixed him another cup, this time making darn sure it was hot enough the first time. I gave it to him and he said “Make it cold.” I rolled my eyes and walked away and came in here to type this. I wonder if he drank it or if he’s going to give it back to me and insist that I make it cold.

I am now hearing him playing a game on my iphone, which means that he found it, turned it on, swiped a couple of screens, and chose the game that he likes. He did drink the second cup of hot pink milk by the way.


One Response to “Hot Pink Milk”

  1. Granny Says:

    I knew about the milk milk, but didn’t know he was drinking it hot. He’s so adorable.

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