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Just life in general March 9, 2010

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My blogging is just not what it used to be, I’m afraid. It kind of seems like there’s just not much to write about lately. Not much has changed around here and that’s a pretty good thing. I certainly can’t complain…even though I do sometimes but that’s beside the point really.

Mikey’s hair is completely in his eyes again which is just part of the cycle that it takes before we finally get it cut. I think Friday is haircut day. I think he’s beautiful even if he looks somewhat unkempt at times. He doesn’t know the difference. Mikey had his three year check up last week and he weighs 42 pounds and is 41 inches tall….or I may have those reversed but regardless, he’s a big three year old. I still carry him around sometimes and will until I just can’t anymore since Phillip won’t let me get anymore babies.

Jackson still thinks he’s smarter than me and I’ve given up trying to prove otherwise. I ask him lots of stupid questions to help him think that I’m even dumber than I am. I think maybe it will help me in the long run if he thinks he’s smarter than me. I know the truth. I think it gives me the upper hand. This all sounds really ridiculous now that I’m reading it. Anyway…

We looked at houses again a few days ago. We found one that we think might be “the one” but who knows if it will still be around once our house sells. It’s a great house that has everything we need. It’s much more house than we have now but it’s manageable and very newly renovated. We wouldn’t have to do anything but move in and enjoy. Which reminds me, I need to get off my rear and get this house cleaned up.

I had to send my main camera off again about a week ago and I’m pretty ticked about that. The shutter was messing up on me. I just hope I get it back in the next few days. We’ve got two other cameras to use but I want that one. I’ve been getting a lot more wedding inquiries lately. And I’ve been getting a few bookings here and there. It would be so great if I were able to get about 10 or so weddings a year on average. So far for 2010, I’ve had two weddings and I’ve got two more booked and a couple more I’m hoping to get. So we’re getting there. It will just take time.

My mom should find out more about her MRI by the end of this week. Then I guess we’ll know what the next step is. The step right now is to wait and that step sucks.


Pray that it’s not that March 2, 2010

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This post is the beginning of a storyline that I’m fully expecting will end in a post titled “Nope, it’s not that.” Because “that” is possibly the Big “C” word that I’m not even going to type right now. I’m not going to type it until or unless I have to and I don’t have to yet.

My mom (Marilyn) has a growth or possibly two in her liver that may or may not be “that.” And it seems that if doctors even mention that “C” word your world just slows down a bit, you stop and think, you worry more, you just generally get your feathers a bit ruffled. And right now our feathers are slightly ruffled….okay maybe more than slightly. She has already had an ultrasound and an MRI and based on those results she will have more testing.

And so that’s really all we know right now. My mom is a strong woman and has strong faith in God. And she (and I) believe wholeheartedly in the power of prayer. So please join me in praying for my mom. Please pray for healing, strength, peace, wisdom. Please pray in any way that you feel led to pray for her. But please pray for her.

My mom quite simply said that she just doesn’t have time for this. And I find that to be a rather amusing and positive way to look at it.