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P.S. Read your kids notes April 1, 2010

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Mikey, Jack, and I ate lunch at Whataburger earlier today with some friends. I had to leave Whataburger early to get Mikey to school so Jack stayed with the friends at Whataburger who thankfully got him to his homeschool co-op class after lunch. Mikey and I left Whataburger at 12:05 to allow plenty of time for me to get him to his school by 12:25. UNTIL….I opened his backpack in the parking lot to make sure he had an extra pair of shorts and underwear when I saw THE NOTE!!!

*Reminder* Send 12 plastic eggs with treats for the Easter egg hunt on April 1. Please do not send candy or sweet treats.

“Oh holy crap!!!”

Okay so I went in Dollar General since we were right there to grab some little goodies and plastic eggs. I grabbed some cheapy little toy things but they didn’t have any plastic eggs. Crap again! So I walked next door to Hobby Lobby to get plastic eggs. Then back in the car I began to fill plastic eggs while driving Mikey to school. “Okay, we’re good! I pulled this off. We’re not going to be late.” I hate being late.

But the toys I got wouldn’t fit in the plastic eggs that I bought. So we went in Walgreens to either get smaller toys, which they didn’t have, or larger eggs, which they did have. BUT…these eggs were still not quite large enough to close with this toy inside. Crap again!!

At this point I texted Phillip and asked him to e-mail Mikey’s teacher to tell her we would be late….scratch that….tell her he won’t be there at all. “Dang it!” Called Phillip to tell him not to text her at all. He asked what was wrong and I told him I didn’t want to get into it so I hung up on him but I didn’t really hang up on him. I left him in my lap saying…”Hello?? Are you still there?? Hellllooo??” Until I realized it and then I hung up on him for real.

Okay so then we go to Kroger where I finally find just enough playdough eggs for his class which means I won’t be using all of the other stuff that I bought at the previous THREE stores. While we were in line to pay Mikey said he needed to tee-tee. I said, “Of course you do.” But I made him hold it until we got to the truck where I let him pee in the parking lot, which reminds me, I need to go wash my hands.

I finally got Mikey to school at 1:00, only 30 minutes late.

Read your kids notes, people. Read your kids notes BEFORE you’re about to drop them off at school.


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