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Furniture shopping May 30, 2010

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One of the most fun things about buying a new house is getting to go shopping for new stuff for the house. Last week Jack and I went furniture shopping. And here is our new bed!

For now we just bought the bed frame and the skinny tall dresser that you see in the picture. We will probably try to buy the other dresser down the road. This is the first real furniture we’ve ever had for our bedroom. I’m SO EXCITED!!!

And this is Jackson’s bed. Well, I think this is Jackson’s bed but it looks darker in person. Anyway, this is at least similar to Jackson’s bed.

And this is the bedding that we got for Jack’s room.

And this is Mikey’s. We’ll be starting out with Mikey having the bunk beds in his room. I really want to get rid of the bunk beds and get Mikey a regular twin bed in a few months.

There are many more things that we’ll need to get for the new house, but this is a start. Some of those things will just have to wait a few months.


Phillip got a new job! May 23, 2010

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This is Phillip’s 7th year teaching in public school. And he has had teaching jobs that weren’t really a good fit for him or he has driven back and forth to Houston. This school year he has been teaching elementary music and while I’m sure he did a good job, he’s just really not cut out for elementary music. And three years before that he taught orchestra in Houston. Phillip finally got a teaching job in our school district that he’s really excited about. He’ll be teaching orchestra at one of our middle schools. He’s been hoping to get into teaching orchestra in our district for years. It seems that there’s a lot of good coming our way lately and we are so grateful.


House update May 15, 2010

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We have really good news! Yesterday we got an offer on our house. It was really a pretty good offer. We countered a little and they accepted! So I guess on Monday we’ll sign the stuff and make our house officially under contract! We are so excited. I’m still a little scared that something weird is going to happen to make it all fall apart but I really don’t think that will happen. We found a house that we like just before the April 30th deadline and it looks like we’ll actually be able to close on it by the June 30th deadline. That means we should be able to get the second time home buyer’s tax credit of $6,500. That is huge for us!

The house we’ll be getting is much larger than this one. We’ll have about 900 more square feet of living space plus a two car garage. Another huge bonus is that we’ll finally have two bathrooms! Yesterday and today I’ve been trying to imagine how much this is going to change our day to day lives and I just can’t quite grasp it yet. The “new” house was actually built about the same time as our current house, mid 1950’s. It has refinished hard wood floors in one of the living rooms, hallway, and the bedrooms. The kitchen and other living area have tile. The kitchen is a little dated but it’s big and there are new appliances. The kitchen has yellow tiled counter tops. The guest bath/boys’ bath is Barbie pink everywhere…pink tile, pink bathtub. Maybe we’ll be able to redo it someday but it’s just going to have to be pink for a while. The bedrooms are really big and the house has a really nice, private backyard. The house is a little quirky and it will need some updating here and there. The two living rooms are long and narrow at about 13X20 something feet each so that will make decorating somewhat of a challenge. But we’re a little quirky too so I think it’s fine that we’ll be living in a slightly quirky house. We won’t have nearly enough furniture to actually furnish this house until we get that tax credit. So things will probably look kind of bare for a few months.

Here’s a link to it if you want to see some pictures.


“The Green Bean Incident” May 12, 2010

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Mikey had one of the biggest melt downs this evening that he has had in a really long time. I yelled louder this evening than I have yelled in a really long time. And it all started with a green bean.

Earlier at HEB Mikey wanted a green bean, so I let him have a green bean. He took the green bean home. No, we did not pay for the green bean. Mikey carried the green bean around and played with the green bean for a couple of hours. That’s great. But then he told me to cook the green bean and that’s when all hell broke loose. I’m not sure if I didn’t cook the green bean in the “right pot” or if he just changed his mind once the green bean was already cooking. To be honest, I’m not even sure what set him off but he went into a screaming crying frenzy and the only words we could make out were “GREEN BEAN!!” I told him to stop crying about the green bean. I told him as calmly as I could. Several times. I told him that I would have to throw the green bean away if he didn’t stop screaming. He didn’t stop screaming. So then I broke his beloved green bean in half in front of him and threw it in the trash. Was it the best thing to do? Probably not.

So then he started wailing even louder than he was before and I screamed something that I really don’t even remember but I think the word GREEN BEAN!!! was in there somewhere. Things were going downhill fast so I picked Mikey up and put him in the truck and we went and drove around the neighborhood and listened to really loud RSB music with the windows down. Mikey said he wanted to punch me at least 10 times during our little joy ride. After about three songs we came back home and sat down and ate our dinner.

We did not eat the green bean.


I missed you. May 9, 2010

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I opened up your box today. I had to blow the dust off the lid before I opened it. I’m sorry about that but I know you understand. I think about you often. I guess I always will but it’s usually passing thoughts. Just little flickers of thoughts. I don’t usually hang onto thoughts of you. I feel sorry about that too but I know you understand. But today I didn’t let you brush through my memory. I sat with you for a few minutes and I cried a little. And I let myself feel the hole that is still in my heart and soul. I embraced that today just for a little while. And again now as I write this down.

I wanted so badly to be your mommy. And I know that I was…am…your mommy but it’s just not the same. Not really. But so much of who I am and what I do and why and how I love and what I’m afraid of is all because of you. I hope you know that. Just like your brothers, you’ve made me the mom I am today. And today, this Mother’s Day, I missed you. I missed you, Evan.


Jackson – my rock ‘n roll cutie pie model too-cool-for-school almost EIGHT year old May 5, 2010

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I took Jack out a few weeks ago after a recent haircut and took some pictures of him. I never got around to putting any of these up on my blog. Enjoy!


What’s been up May 4, 2010

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Man, I haven’t blogged in a long time. I just don’t seem to have the time anymore. And that’s a good and a bad thing. It’s good that I’ve been really busy but I’m definitely ready to take it slow for a while.

My mom is doing really well. She is having a heart cath done this week. It’s one of the last things she needs to do before she’s officially on the transplant list. I think she’s technically on the transplant list now but she’s on the internal list?? I don’t really know what that means. She will start chemo pills in a few days and she’s not looking forward to that. We’re just praying that she is able to get a transplant before she starts to feel bad. She is very healthy and takes good care of herself so I know that once she gets that transplant she’s just going to bounce back and feel 30 again! I have no doubt!!

Our friends Matt and Lindsey met their beautiful son Patrick on Thursday. Patrick is going to have to spend some time in the NICU. He and his parents are just the sweetest things. They came home from the hospital yesterday without him. It just breaks my heart but we are so glad that Patrick is here and making excellent progress. Lift them up, folks. Encourage them. Love on them.

We haven’t had any offers on our house yet. We ended up not getting the first house we put an offer on. Someone else made an offer and unlike us, they don’t have to sell a house first. But we found another house that we really like. We went ahead and put an offer on it and got a contract in place on April 30th. That was the deadline for the $6,500 second time homebuyer’s tax credit. If we miraculously close by June 30th we’ll be able to get that money. That money would go a long way for us. To be honest, I’m not counting on it happening that way. Call me negative or whatever. I think I’m just being realistic. But anyway if we get this house it will be great! We would have plenty of space, hard wood floors, a great backyard, and a Barbie pink bathroom for the boys and guests. I’m tired of trying to keep this house ready to show and we’ve had some family strain because of it. I hope it sells soon. This has been a really stressful time.

Homeschooling is going okay. We’ve gotten behind and we’ll have to keep going through part of the summer. And that’s fine. I don’t think it’s a great idea to take the whole summer off anyway. I entertained the thought of keeping Mikey out of school next year too. I entertained this thought for about 8 hours and then I came to my senses. My reasoning behind keeping him home is that it would free us up to go and do a lot more stuff. It’s hard for us to go do much fun stuff because Mikey has to be at school at noon. But we just simply can’t get anything important done with that kid home. It’s just not possible. Jack would forget how to read and even write his name if Mikey were here all day, every day.

So between homeschooling, selling a house, trying to be there for Mom when I can, keeping up with my business, and just being a wife and mom, I’m just flat out tired. And I’m not trying to be a downer. This is just a tough season in our lives right now. I know It will pass.

Jackson will be EIGHT years old in three days. I can’t believe it! He has been such a great joy to us his entire life. He is just such a great kid and I’m very proud of him. Friday is his birthday and we have reserved a hotel in Houston for Friday and Saturday nights. Phillip’s parents are going to keep Mikey while we spend the weekend completely devoted to Jackson and doing what he wants to do. This will be the third year that we’ve done this for his birthday. He had the choice of having a party and inviting lots of friends or doing this and this is what he chose. He wants an itouch for his birthday. That’s an expensive birthday present for us but he has saved $70 and I think his grandparents are going to chip in some too. It’s kind of ridiculous for him to have one of those but I know he’ll take care of it. He’s very responsible like that. So this weekend we’ll probably go to the Children’s Museum again, go buy his itouch, eat at Chuck-E-Cheese, hang out at the pool, and just enjoy each other. We will all do our best to leave the stress of our lives right here at home.

So that pretty much sums it up. Just in case I don’t get around to doing a post with all of these pictures, here are a few from a recent evening spur of the moment beach trip.