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“The Green Bean Incident” May 12, 2010

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Mikey had one of the biggest melt downs this evening that he has had in a really long time. I yelled louder this evening than I have yelled in a really long time. And it all started with a green bean.

Earlier at HEB Mikey wanted a green bean, so I let him have a green bean. He took the green bean home. No, we did not pay for the green bean. Mikey carried the green bean around and played with the green bean for a couple of hours. That’s great. But then he told me to cook the green bean and that’s when all hell broke loose. I’m not sure if I didn’t cook the green bean in the “right pot” or if he just changed his mind once the green bean was already cooking. To be honest, I’m not even sure what set him off but he went into a screaming crying frenzy and the only words we could make out were “GREEN BEAN!!” I told him to stop crying about the green bean. I told him as calmly as I could. Several times. I told him that I would have to throw the green bean away if he didn’t stop screaming. He didn’t stop screaming. So then I broke his beloved green bean in half in front of him and threw it in the trash. Was it the best thing to do? Probably not.

So then he started wailing even louder than he was before and I screamed something that I really don’t even remember but I think the word GREEN BEAN!!! was in there somewhere. Things were going downhill fast so I picked Mikey up and put him in the truck and we went and drove around the neighborhood and listened to really loud RSB music with the windows down. Mikey said he wanted to punch me at least 10 times during our little joy ride. After about three songs we came back home and sat down and ate our dinner.

We did not eat the green bean.


One Response to ““The Green Bean Incident””

  1. Amy Says:

    Oh my goodness. This GREEN BEAN!!! story had me laughing so hard. Thank you for that.
    I have an 18 month old – oh the things I have to look forward to as she gets older.

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