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House update May 15, 2010

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We have really good news! Yesterday we got an offer on our house. It was really a pretty good offer. We countered a little and they accepted! So I guess on Monday we’ll sign the stuff and make our house officially under contract! We are so excited. I’m still a little scared that something weird is going to happen to make it all fall apart but I really don’t think that will happen. We found a house that we like just before the April 30th deadline and it looks like we’ll actually be able to close on it by the June 30th deadline. That means we should be able to get the second time home buyer’s tax credit of $6,500. That is huge for us!

The house we’ll be getting is much larger than this one. We’ll have about 900 more square feet of living space plus a two car garage. Another huge bonus is that we’ll finally have two bathrooms! Yesterday and today I’ve been trying to imagine how much this is going to change our day to day lives and I just can’t quite grasp it yet. The “new” house was actually built about the same time as our current house, mid 1950’s. It has refinished hard wood floors in one of the living rooms, hallway, and the bedrooms. The kitchen and other living area have tile. The kitchen is a little dated but it’s big and there are new appliances. The kitchen has yellow tiled counter tops. The guest bath/boys’ bath is Barbie pink everywhere…pink tile, pink bathtub. Maybe we’ll be able to redo it someday but it’s just going to have to be pink for a while. The bedrooms are really big and the house has a really nice, private backyard. The house is a little quirky and it will need some updating here and there. The two living rooms are long and narrow at about 13X20 something feet each so that will make decorating somewhat of a challenge. But we’re a little quirky too so I think it’s fine that we’ll be living in a slightly quirky house. We won’t have nearly enough furniture to actually furnish this house until we get that tax credit. So things will probably look kind of bare for a few months.

Here’s a link to it if you want to see some pictures.


One Response to “House update”

  1. Erin Martin Says:

    So when do I get to go see the “Barbie pink” bathroom? I want to use the pink toilet!! I’ve never gotten to use one before. Patrick said to tell you not to worry the boys will pee all over the pink toilet just like they would a white one!! He is so funny!!

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