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Furniture shopping May 30, 2010

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One of the most fun things about buying a new house is getting to go shopping for new stuff for the house. Last week Jack and I went furniture shopping. And here is our new bed!

For now we just bought the bed frame and the skinny tall dresser that you see in the picture. We will probably try to buy the other dresser down the road. This is the first real furniture we’ve ever had for our bedroom. I’m SO EXCITED!!!

And this is Jackson’s bed. Well, I think this is Jackson’s bed but it looks darker in person. Anyway, this is at least similar to Jackson’s bed.

And this is the bedding that we got for Jack’s room.

And this is Mikey’s. We’ll be starting out with Mikey having the bunk beds in his room. I really want to get rid of the bunk beds and get Mikey a regular twin bed in a few months.

There are many more things that we’ll need to get for the new house, but this is a start. Some of those things will just have to wait a few months.


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