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My boy is coming home. June 25, 2010

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Jackson has been gone now for over two weeks. He went with Nana and Granddad (Phillip’s folks) to Colorado. I’m so glad that he has them to take him to cool places. It’s such a great feeling to be able to say goodbye to your kid and know with complete certainty that he is totally safe and loved. I don’t worry at all when he’s with them or my mom. Well…I worry about the drive but that’s just because there are idiots on the road, but that’s beside the point. My point is that my kids’ grandparents are awesome! Anyway, today they are coming home with my boy!!

I woke up about 6:00 and started cleaning stuff that doesn’t need to be cleaned. I’m getting some photo editing done so I don’t have to do it when he gets home. I’m just filled with so much anxious energy. I know it’s silly but I’m excited to see my kid. I think I need to make a few “Welcome home” signs and stick them a few places. (BTW…Debbie, if you’re reading this, don’t tell him that part.) I just can’t wait to breath him in, squeeze him tight, and tickle his skinny belly. I told Phillip last night that I might have to sleep in Jackson’s bed tonight with him… just so he feels safe.

Get home quick boy.


Pray for Patrick June 24, 2010

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Our friends Matt and Lindsey had their baby, Patrick, about 8 weeks ago. He is still in the NICU. His sweet mama has been traveling back and forth to Houston daily to see her boy. And Matt misses him during the week so he can work. We just want Patrick to get well and get home! Please pray for Patrick. Here’s a link to Lindsey’s blog with lots of Patrick updates, pictures, and videos. She is a gifted writer and her faith is so evident not only in the words she writes but how she lives her life. I’m honored to call her my friend. I was able to get to meet Patrick last week and get a few pictures of him. Here’s my favorite.

There are more on my photoblog if you want to check those out.


Settling in June 23, 2010

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So we’ve been in the house a little over a week now. Almost everything is put away where it belongs. I emptied a couple more boxes today. There are still a few boxes in the garage that we need to to deal with. Some of them would ideally go in the attic if we could get them up there. There’s practically no storage space in this attic. It feels really good to be almost done with unpacking and putting away. I know us well enough to know that if we didn’t get in gear and get stuff unpacked while the excitement was still fresh that we would just get used to it and it would never get done. And that’s just not okay with me. I do not like living out of boxes. I don’t like seeing boxes. It certainly helps that neither one of have jobs to go to right now and that we’re down one kid. I’m anxious for Jackson to get home and I kind of feel like I’m “nesting” waiting for a new baby. I just want things to be perfect when he gets here. I want him to walk in and instantly feel like he’s home.


Home June 19, 2010

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So I am finally getting around to blogging about the new house. We’ve been very busy this past week as you can imagine. Monday we closed on both houses and everything went very smoothly. This whole process has gone very smooth for us. We were able to gather enough funds to be able to put down 20% on the new house and avoid PMI. We’re pretty proud of that accomplishment. Go us!

Anyway, here’s some rambling info. about the new house. It’s huge! And we have two bathrooms and that has been awesome! The patio is great and Mikey has been staying out there playing for hours every day. We have a privacy fence so I can actually lay out in the backyard and get some sun, hypothetically speaking of course. The microwave is crazy. We have a garbage disposal, a doorbell, and a garage! These are all things that are totally new to us. It is all just such a wonderful change.

Would you like to see some pictures? Sure you would.

First of all here is the front and back of the house.



retro brick on front porch

And inside the house…

My office/catch all room



We are planning on ditching the cutesy wall paper and yellow paint as soon as possible. We are also planning on getting rid of the yellow tile counter tops and replacing it with granite or quartz. That will take a little more time.

nifty shelf

naked family room

My mom didn’t really have room for this little kid table anymore so she brought it over for us. We need to get some picture up on the wall and a rug. We’re also getting a new tv stand and a coffee table soon.

family room again

Phillip's cave

empty living room

living room again-this paint color is atrocious. It's worse in person.

Jackson's room

1950's crazy pink bathroom

Mikey's room

Mikey's room is so cute! I just love it!

our room

photo collage

our bed

our wacky and messy bathroom

So that’s it for now. We’ll be getting some new furniture in the next few months. We’ll also be doing quite a bit of painting. We’re so happy about this house! I think we’re still in shock that we’re here and that it’s actually our home. It feels like a dream.


I’m his person whether I like it or not June 11, 2010

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Scott follows me around where ever I go. All day long he’s usually right beside me or a few steps behind. I should find it endearing but it’s kind of annoying. He’s a really good dog and I know I shouldn’t complain about him. I just don’t really like to be followed around all the time. I wish he would get more attached to Phillip or the boys. They pretty much ignore him or torment him. Anyway, whether I like it or not, I’m the one he’s latched onto. Here’s a nice iphone pic of the view from my computer.