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Homeschool 2010 ramblings August 4, 2010

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So even though last year didn’t go as swimmingly as I had hoped, we’ve decided to homeschool Jack again this year. I have pretty much ditched any pre-fab curriculum. I found a lot of resources online like spelling lists, writing prompts, reading comprehension exercises, and paragraph editing stuff. We’re going to go with Teaching Textbooks for Math because Andrea used it with Anna and really liked it. Teaching Textbooks is computer based. That’s good because I have no business teaching anybody math. I picked up a ton of stuff at the local school supply store when they were going out of business. We should have plenty of stuff to get us through the school year. I just need to get organized and have a plan. I still need to figure out social studies stuff. I’m having a hard time knowing what the heck he should be learning about. Gotta look at the TEKS.

I’ve decided to be super techy and frivolous and get an ipad to use for our reading stuff. It certainly won’t save us any money but it will be tons easier. We can buy most of the books that we would want to read and have them on the ipad ready to go. And I’m going to buy a membership to Moody Gardens for myself and Jack. We’ll try to go there and explore and hang out at least once a month.

Jack will be taking co-op classes on Thursday afternoons. He’ll be taking a science class, lego robotics, and Spanish. He’s not excited about learning Spanish at all. He’s just going to have to get over it. And he’ll be taking another class kind of thing about 1 Friday a month. He will be around other kids. Maybe not as much as kids who are in public school but I think some of that is overrated anyway.

Jack says that he wants to be homeschooled until he starts college. I don’t know about that. Guess we’ll just see how this year goes. On one hand I love the thought of taking him to school at 7:30 and having a lot more free time until 3:30, but I know the time we’re going to be spending together is invaluable. I believe this school year is going to be much better than last year and if we keep doing this crazy homeschool thing, I think it will just keep getting better every year. I’m thinking by the time he’s 12 he’ll make a nice little assistant in my photography business. Just thinking ahead.


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  1. Finneyfer Says:

    Photography would count for fine arts credit, right?

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