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It’s a good thing he’s cute. August 10, 2010

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We went to Lowe’s earlier to buy a new refrigerator. We got our second time home buyer’s tax credit yesterday so we’re getting some stuff that we’ve wanted to get for the new house. I also ordered some furniture for the “formal” living room/studio today! YAY! Anyway… that’s not what this post is about really.

So we went to Lowe’s to look at refrigerators. While we were walking through the appliances section Mikey had to open, touch, push, turn every door, thing, button, knob that he saw. We got to refrigerators and were talking to the very helpful salesman about 1 minute before Mikey decided that he did not like him. He said, “My don’t wike you!” to the man and then walked over and tried to kick him in the shin. I’m not making this up, people. I stopped him from kicking the guy and apologized. Then he walked away from us a few feet, kicked off his flip flops, and then bolted. He was already pretty far before Phillip and Jackson started chasing him. He got way to the other side of the store (Lowe’s is big!) before Phillip caught him. So imagine the scene. Mikey running barefoot with Jackson close behind and then Phillip further behind. So I stayed with the nice salesman and waited for them to get back. All of this took place in about five minutes.

Okay so no judgment on the next part of the story. I know how some people feel about spanking. I used to feel the same way before I had kids. And if you’re anti-spanking, don’t feel the need to get on your soapbox about it. I’ll ignore you and roll my eyes at you so don’t bother. So I took Mikey into the bathroom to spank him with one of his flip flops. I was relieved to see that nobody was in the bathroom. I talked to him first and tried to explain to him why he cannot run away from his family. “We have to keep you safe. There are bad people out there who want to take kids away from their parents. If a bad person takes you away you might not see Mommy and Daddy again. You might not see Granny again….” He didn’t care. He said that he didn’t want a mommy or a daddy anymore. Whatever. So anyway after I was done trying to talk some sense into him I told him to bend over and right as I got ready to spank, a little girl walked in the bathroom. Crap! So I just casually smiled and acted like I wasn’t about to spank him and just washed his hands and got the grime out from under his fingernails and waited for her to leave.

After that little job was done, we got in line to pay. I was still trying to explain to Mikey why he can’t run away from us. I went through the same spiel as before and he still didn’t care. He didn’t care until I told him that I wouldn’t be able to give him Rice Krispies anymore. Then he started crying and saying, “My wike Wice Kwispies!”

Probably almost every day I tell Phillip that we’re not going to survive him. He just does and says things that shock and entertain and bewilder us all day long. He is so exhausting!

It’s a really good thing he’s cute.

Because he’s certainly a total mess!


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