Jenny Hintze

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." – Willy Wonka

make it funky. August 12, 2010

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So I ordered some furniture the other day from Urban Outfitters for our “formal” living room/studio. The word “formal” just doesn’t really fit us and it doesn’t really fit this furniture either. I decided to find some pieces that I really like and that would work well in photos and not worry a whole lot if they go together or not. So this is what I decided on. I’m very excited about it. This room in our house will serve as a sort of sitting area and a room where I can do newborn and small family photography. I’ll keep my eyes open for other cool things to go in this room but I’m determined to only buy things that I love. So here is the aubergine fainting sofa, green paisley chair, pom pom ottoman, and a mid-century coffee table. I’m going to order some canvases of our family soon to put behind the sofa…I think. Still a little iffy on that. And I still need help figuring out what to put on the windows.

So…what do you think? Maybe a little weird for some folks but I think it’s going to look great.


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