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Penguins, chicken salad, and such September 2, 2010

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Mikey has many words that he really likes to use ALL THE TIME. Here are some of the words that we hear constantly:

– booty
– nipples
– diddle
– chicken salad
– penguins
– eyes
– punch
– tiny baby
– face (but he says it like “hace”)
– peanut butter

And since he’s so comfortable using these words, and more, he uses them all the time even if they make absolutely no sense. Like he might say, “Put my booty in my eye.” or “The tiny baby has peanut butter on his eye.” or “The nipple is the chicken salad face.” or “The penguin punch the chicken salad.” Seriously, this is the kind of nonsense craziness that we hear all day from him. And it’s not that we’re just not understanding what he’s really trying to say. This is actually the stuff that he says. It’s like he wants to contribute the conversations that are going on and if he can’t seem to articulate something that makes sense he just streams some of his “comfortable” words together. It’s really funny and often very inappropriate. I mean, look at the list. Just imagine the things he comes up with.

And he really likes to sing and listen to music. But since he can’t really articulate the words of the songs fast enough to sing along, he does this same kind of thing when he sings. He will sing the correct tune and rhythm of the music but use his own crazy words. I wish I could get it on video but he won’t let me video him and you wouldn’t probably wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate it anyway. He’s quite a unique character, to put it mildly.