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Mikey language update September 4, 2010

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It’s been a while since I’ve written much about Mikey’s speech. And really this isn’t going to be terribly interesting to many people but I like having stuff documented. Mikey’s language has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few months. He is speaking in complete sentences, streaming LOTS of words together. Just a few months ago he was only putting about three or four words together. I think he’s becoming more understandable by people other than our immediate family, but that’s kind of hard for me to judge. He still struggles with many letter sounds though. These are sounds that he still can’t or won’t make.

– “G” as in Granddad or Granny – He usually replaces the “G” with and “S” or “Sw.”

– “F” – If a word starts with “F” Mikey starts the word with “H” but if the word ends in “F” Mikey ends it with “S.” Like “fuzzy” sounds like “huzzy” and “stuff” sounds like “tuss.” One day he was trying to tell me “fuzzy stuff” and it sounded like “huzzy tuss.” Or if there’s an f in the middle of a word like in “office” Mikey says it like “ossice.” Context clues come in handy.

– “J” – Mikey usually replaces the “J” sound with a “D” sound. So Jackson is “Dason.”

– Hard “C” – I almost forgot about this one because I really don’t notice it. When Mikey says “coffee” it sounds like “tossee.” But he makes the hard “C” at the end of words correctly. Go figure.

– “L” – Lots of kids have trouble with the “L” sound. Mikey replaces it with a “W.” When he says “I love you” it sounds like “My wuz you.”

– “V” – He can say this sound but he really has to focus. But usually he replaces it with a “D” sound or a “Z” sound. Like when Mikey says “video games” it sounds kind of like “dida dames.”

– Blended sounds – He has trouble with “bl” “st” “pl” “th” but he can say “sh” and “ch.”

One thing we’re working on lately is trying to get him to use “I” instead of “me” and “my.” He says “My want a drink” and “My need that.” I’ve really been cracking down on this. When he starts to say “My…” I interrupt him and say “I” and he will usually correct himself and start over with “I.” But sometimes he just gets really ticked off. Something that I think we all (his family) do pretty much all the time is repeat what he just said back to him. I think most of us do it without even really thinking about it. It’s become a habit. It lets him know that we understood him and he immediately hears how to say it correctly. We try to never laugh at him or make fun of how he says things. I guess that should go without saying but sometimes it’s really hard not to laugh. Jackson does mimic him sometimes but we don’t tolerate it. If Mikey thinks you’re making fun of him he gets furious, and rightly so.

I wrote a similar post about a year ago. It’s pretty amazing to go back and read that post and see how very far he’s come in a year. WOW!

Here’s a list of how he said these words a year ago vs. how he says then now.

Juice – then: boos, now:doos
milk – then: mis, now: milk (I’m not sure if he really pronounces the “L” but he says this almost perfectly now.
pink – then: pis, now: pink
more – then: moos, now: more but the “r” sounds kind of like a “w.” That’s typical for kids his age.
blue – then: bwue, now: bwue
green – then: eeya, now: sween
ice cream – then: ice bees, now: ice sweem
cup – then: pus, now: tup
school – then: poos, now: tool
computer – then: poos, now: tomputer
car – then: har, now: tar
bath – then: bass, now: bass
hot – then: hoss, now: hot = hot
socks – then: hoss, now: socks
cold – then: ho, now: told (but he probably doesn’t pronounce the “L” very well)
yes – then: es, now: yes
play – then: pays, now: sway
park – then: pois, now: park
no – then: oh, now: no
shoes – then: hoos, now: shoes
off – then: oss, now: oss
on – then: oss, now: on


One Response to “Mikey language update”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I for one love Mikey updates. It’s hard not to get attached to the cute but wrong way our kids pronounce words. Their words are unique to each child and their personality!

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